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What can we do with laser cladding

What can we do with laser cladding

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What can we do with laser cladding

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-22 09:38
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Hydraulic support oil cylinder, column, piston rod, sprocket wheel, water pump shaft, motor shaft, crankshaft, reducer shaft, impeller, idler, shearer high-speed shaft, gear, roadheader sealing sleeve, etc

Piston rod waiting for cladding


Papermaking machinery:

Steamer, dryer, ovenvarious rollers centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, steam boiler, valvemixer shaftsealing sleevecorrugated roller suction roll, pulper, anilox roll, sizing roller, calendering roll, bottom roller, press roll, couch roll, etc

Laser cladding of corrugated roller


Textile machinery

Roller, wire guide hook, weft selecting finger of rapier loom beating roller, small pressing roller, cylinder roller, cast iron outer disc, roll surface, surface roller shaft, upper chopper drive shaft, doffer shaft; sizing machine valve, dryer side shaft plane joint, immersion basket shaft, sizing roller head, spindle journal, yarn guide roller, sizing roller, moisture regain measuring roller, warp shaft journal, loom journal Wear resistant coatings such as breaking roller, big roller (black roller), finishing machine roller, guide roller, hot roll and separation roller, cloth guide roller, printing roller surface and journal, wire roller, friction disc (plate) and other wear-resistant coatings.

Laser cladding of cloth guide roller


Printing equipment:

Printing roller; ceramic anilox roller; coating roller, ink roller, printing roller, water roller; dental pad; dental chip, etc.

Laser cladding of ceramic anilox roller


Metallurgical equipment:

The coating of heat and corrosion resistance for tuyere and slag mouth of blast furnace; mould, guide roll and conveying roll of slab continuous casting line; various process rolls in steel and non-ferrous metal processing; wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti accretion coating for various rolls of steel surface treatment production line (such as furnace roll of continuous annealing furnace, immersion roll of galvanizing, guide roll and tensioning roll, etc.).

Laser cladding of conveying roller


Power facilities:

Repair the joint surface of ball mill, turbine rotorgenerator rotor journal and cylinder; strengthen the repair of boiler four pipes, flange,turbine blade,gas turbine bladeflame tube transition section, fan impeller ball mill, gate core gate rod, valve core, valve accessories, valve seat wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating and boiler related equipment components.

Laser cladding of motor rotor bearing position


Construction vehicles:

Engine base, synchronous ring, curved rollergear boxbearing seat, oil cylinderplunger, front and rear axle support shaft, gantry guide rail, engine main bearing bush seat, rocker shaft, half shaft oil seal position, pin shaftplunger, front and rear axle support shaft, gantry guide rail, engine main bearing bush seat, rocker shaft, half shaft oil seal position, pin shaft, dredger rake head, anti-wear ring, mud bucket, cutter blade, shovel tooth, dredger impeller, stern shaft, stern copper sleeve, eccentric sleeve, gear drive shaft, water seal neck of dredger, dredger gate Slide plate, scraper of sand scraper crankshaft, piston rod, camshaft, steel sleeve, etc
Laser cladding of cylinder liner


Petrochemical Industry:

All kinds of vessels, reactors, pipelines, pumps, valves and sealing parts have been repaired; various enamel tanksoil plunger, sucker rod, pump parts,boilers, air compressors, motors, pump crankshafts, piston rods, centralizers, steel sleevesetc

Laser cladding of plunger rod



Mold industry

Laser cladding or quenching strengthening treatment is applied to the surface of wire drawing tower wheel, drawing machine, drawing wheel, wire wheel, drawing cylinder, take-up reel, guide groove,, plastic mold, die-casting die, stamping die, stretching die, rubber plastic mold, extrusion die, hot forging die, etc.

Laser cladding of confidential mould





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