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Laser cladding remanufacturing of mechanical vulnerable parts

Laser cladding remanufacturing of mechanical vulnerable parts

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(Summary description)

Laser cladding remanufacturing of mechanical vulnerable parts

(Summary description)

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   At present the application of laser cladding remanufacturing technology for vulnerable parts of mining machinery in China,remanufacturing engineering can repair the worn surface and restore the performance of parts.Before using the equipment, the vulnerable parts can be coated with protective layer in advance to enhance its wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the service life of the equipment is longer.Remanufacturing engineering and industrialization can bring huge profits to enterprises and become a new economic growth point. Through the way of remanufacturing industrialization, enterprises can reduce equipment investment, repair and reuse, reduce production costs, save capital, energy, materials and environmental protection, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, and have good economic and social benefits.

(1) Laser cladding remanufacturing project of key parts of scraper conveyor

The working conditions of scraper conveyor are harsh and the working conditions are harsh. A large number of working surfaces of parts are scrapped due to wear failure. Laser cladding remanufacturing technology can repair the worn surface of key parts of scraper conveyor and restore the performance of parts. The remanufacturing engineering of key parts of scraper conveyor can maximize the value of waste resources. It is beneficial to alleviate the contradiction between the equipment in good condition and the lack of funds in coal mining enterprises.

1. Economic benefit analysis

According to incomplete statistics, at present, the annual output value of coal mining machines in China has reached 150-160 billion yuan, and there are more than 1300 sets of coal mining equipment in use, including nearly 400000 m scraper conveyor, and the annual purchase cost of scraper conveyor is about 18 billion yuan. There are a large number of coal machinery equipment scrapped every year in China, and the waste equipment is the resource base for remanufacturing. In 2009, 195173t of scraper conveyor was scrapped nationwide; in 2010, 238434t of scraper conveyor was scrapped nationwide. According to the 30% - 40% discount of the new product price, the annual market capacity of the maintenance market is estimated to be 45 billion-64 billion.

According to the statistics of Shandong Xinwen Mining Group, before 2013, about 20 new scraper conveyors and transfer machines were purchased and manufactured each year, which cost 120 million yuan. Up to now, 103 sets of equipment have been used. If 50% of them have repair value, it can meet the resource supply of remanufacturing engineering with a capacity of 300 million yuan.

Economic benefit analysis of repeated remanufacturing of 1.1 middle groove

More than 1 million pieces of middle trough have been invalid and scrapped by Coal Enterprises above the national scale. The number of middle trough that can be repaired and used by remanufacturing is as much as 500000 pieces, and the profit is as high as 6.2 billion. It is expected to create a profit of more than 2 million yuan (calculated by 10%) for the company.

Laser is used for laser cladding of the middle groove, the laser power is 7 kW. It takes about 0.7 hours for each section of the middle groove. The special powder for laser cladding is about 2.5 kg for each middle groove. The thickness of the cladding layer is about 1.5 mm. After cladding, it can be used without mechanical processing.

At the same time,1.5 tons of steel can be saved after one cladding strengthening for each section of the middle groove. After multiple laser cladding strengthening treatment, the middle groove can be recycled and its service life can be extended by 2-3 times. At the same time, it can significantly reduce the cost of replacing the middle trough.

1.2 comparison and analysis of economic benefits between new central trough and Remanufacturing



Coal throughput

Cost per ton of coal

New 730 middle trough

20 thousand

11.2 million tons

166.7 yuan / 10000 tons

Remanufacturing 730 middle groove

12 thousand

1.5 million tons

80 yuan / 10000 tons

New 1m middle trough

40 thousand

2.9 million tons

137.9 yuan / 10000 tons

Make 1 meter middle trough again

24 thousand

2.6 million tons

923 yuan / 10000 tons

 1.3. Economic benefit analysis of scraper repeated Remanufacturing

The scraper of easy wearing parts accounts for 4% of the total weight of scraper conveyor and transfer machine. If it is remanufactured and repaired, the profit will be 2.16 million yuan. The basic data of new production and remanufacturing maintenance scraper are as follows:

Average weight of one scraper: 50kg

Annual remanufacturing and maintenance scraper quantity:2000个

Price of a scraper: :1800元

Average remanufacturing cost of one scraper: new product ×60%

Among them, the powder cost:220 yuan / kg ×3kg = 660 yuan

Economic benefit=2000×1800×60%= 2.16 million yuan

The most profitable part of remanufacturing is the chain wheel and shaft of scraper conveyor and transfer machine, which can be remanufactured and repaired.

2. Analysis of social benefits

At present, the domestic laser cladding remanufacturing technology is basically mature, the remanufacturing industry has begun to take shape, the number of remanufacturing various waste parts is increasing year by year, and the benefit is very significant.

After the completion of the repeated remanufacturing project of key parts of scraper conveyor, it can directly create benefits for the coal mining machinery industry, first of all, relieve the economic pressure of the company; secondly, it can reduce the production cost of coal mine, relieve the pressure of coal mine, and reduce the scrap quantity of coal mining machinery; thirdly, the application of remanufacturing key parts in scraper can really achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and reduce the pressure of environmental protection to a great extent 。

At the same time, the project will create a large number of jobs to alleviate the pressure of social employment.

 3. Analysis of environmental benefits

After repeated laser cladding of key parts of scraper conveyor, the product indexes reach or exceed the new machine standard. At the same time, laser cladding remanufacturing technology almost does not produce solid waste, and the emission of air pollutants is reduced by more than 80% compared with the manufacturing of key parts of new scraper conveyor. The environmental benefits are very obvious.


Case study:

Picture of remanufacturing chute


Axis comparison picture of shaft before and after Remanufacturing


Remanufacturing scraper picture


Remanufacturing sprocket image

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