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High-speed laser cladding technology solutions
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2019120411461593 (1)

High-speed laser cladding technology solutions

High-speed laser cladding changes the action process of laser and powder, melts or semi-melts the powder on the molten pool, and sends the molten or semi-melted liquid flow into the molten pool, so as to achieve the efficiency and surface quality of the cladding Upgrade to form a metallurgical bonded surface coating. The surface of the cladding coating can be quickly scanned by laser to improve the surface quality again.

High-speed laser cladding

By changing the action process of the laser and the powder, the powder is melted or semi-melted above the molten pool, and the molten or semi-melted liquid stream is sent into the molten pool, thereby achieving the improvement of cladding efficiency and surface quality, forming metallurgy Combined surface coating. The surface of the cladding coating can be quickly scanned by laser to improve the surface quality again.

Technical features: high efficiency, low heat input, low dilution rate, thin layer cladding, smooth surface, small subsequent processing allowance

High-speed laser cladding technology

The high-speed laser cladding technology uses a high-energy-density beam to melt the additive material and the surface of the substrate material moving at a high speed through the synchronous powder feeding method, and quickly solidify to form a very low dilution rate, which is metallurgically combined with the substrate The cladding layer greatly increases the cladding rate and significantly improves the process characteristics of the surface of the base material such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance.

It is suitable for parts requiring improved performance in coal mining machinery, electric power, aviation, aerospace, weapons, nuclear industry, and automobile manufacturing. According to the requirements of the working conditions of the workpiece, cladding metals or non-metals with various design compositions to prepare surface coatings with heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance or optical, electrical, and magnetic properties.

High-speed laser cladding technology is an emerging technology with high economic benefits. It can prepare high-performance alloy surfaces on metal substrates without affecting the properties of the substrate, reducing costs, and saving precious and rare metal materials. Therefore, the world Advanced industrial countries attach great importance to the research and application of laser cladding technology. The high-speed laser cladding speed is 10-25 times faster than the traditional laser cladding, which minimizes the thermal impact of the laser on the substrate. Therefore, ultra-high-speed laser cladding can realize the coating preparation of heat-sensitive material parts, which was impossible before in the traditional method due to the high heat transfer. At the same time, this new process can also be used for new material combinations, such as the preparation of coatings on aluminum-based materials or cast iron materials.

Equipment composition

High-power laser, precision laser head, powder feeding system, water-cooled circulation system, machine tool and walking device, control system, gas control system, air blowing system, protection system

Equipment performance

1. High power laser, high spot quality, continuous fiber output, long service life;

2. High-precision laser surface cladding powder spray nozzle, the applicable powder size is 15~53um, and the powder utilization rate is as high as 93%;

3. Ultra-fast rotating processing speed, up to 50m/min when the cladding coating is less than 0.25mm, and up to 30m/min when the coating thickness is more than 0.7mm;

4. Using 6-axis special welding robot, accuracy error ≤0.02mm, customized high-speed laser cladding technology package, easy to operate;

5. High-precision powder feeder, ensuring the powder flow and accuracy between units, stable performance, convenient parameter adjustment, and long service life;

Equipment advantages

1. Laser: Under long-term working conditions, the power stability, beam mode and stability of the laser are the key technologies for high-speed laser cladding. Sinowort uses the original Laserline laser imported from Germany. The photoelectric conversion rate of the LDF laser is as high as 50. %. The precision module adopts a built-in cooling system, which guarantees the continuous and efficient operation of the laser to a great extent. All system components are internally networked, with real-time fault diagnosis function, and the laser runs smoothly for more than 30,000 hours;

2. Cladding head: The utilization rate of the powder is directly related to the synchronization effect of the powder focus and the laser beam focus. Before the alloy powder reaches the laser melting pool, the powder is irradiated by laser energy for a shorter time and the temperature of the powder is lower. , It directly affects the efficiency of high-speed laser cladding. The distribution density of the powder at the outlet of the powder feeding nozzle is closely matched with the laser energy density, the thickness of the cladding coating is good, and the surface smoothness is high. The powder nozzle is made of special copper alloy. Plating treatment has good wear resistance and long service life;

3. Powder feeder: The feed rate and stability of the powder feeder directly determine the maturity of the high-speed laser cladding process. The precision powder feeder developed by Zhongwu Rio Tinto has heating, large capacity, precise powder feeding, and air The advantage of stable flow, the powder feeding accuracy reaches 0.05g, which provides a strong accuracy guarantee for high-speed laser cladding in the thin coating processing technology;

Product description

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