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Advantages of high-speed laser cladding

Advantages of high-speed laser cladding

Since the introduction of high-speed laser cladding technology, our company has formed cooperation with many research institutions, coal mining machinery, spraying and other industry customers, such as Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shandong Energy, Shenhua Energy, etc., in metallurgy, construction machinery, papermaking, molds, etc. Many customers in the industry are closely advancing.




Since the introduction of high-speed laser cladding technology, our company has formed cooperation with many research institutions, coal mining machinery, spraying and other industry customers, such as Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shandong Energy, Shenhua Energy, etc., in metallurgy, construction machinery, papermaking, molds, etc. Many customers in the industry are closely advancing.


1. Equipment advantages

The alloy powders are all independently developed and manufactured by Zhongwu Rio Tinto, using hypersonic vacuum vacuum atomization technology and equipment, and alloy powders with different properties can be customized according to customer needs.

The core components of the high-speed laser cladding equipment are independently developed and manufactured by Sino-Woo Rio Tinto to ensure the stability and high efficiency of the equipment. It is a rare dual-station production machine in China, which saves costs and increases efficiency for users.



2. Technical advantages

High-speed laser cladding technology has the following technical advantages:

The coating and the substrate are a strong metallurgical bond;

Fast heating and cooling speed, dense coating structure;

The thermal deformation and dilution rate of the matrix are small.

The actual service life of the high-speed laser cladding remanufactured column is at least 5 times the actual service life of the electroplating repair column. The performance of the laser cladding remanufactured column is much higher than the performance of the electroplating repair column is because:

①The laser cladding layer and the column base are a strong metallurgical bonding layer;

②The specially designed laser cladding stainless steel coating in terms of composition and organization has a dense structure without cracks and pores;

③Thick cladding layer, good strength and toughness.

High-speed laser cladding technology has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, while the electroplating layer and the column base have low bonding strength, many microcracks and pinholes in the coating, and low corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The coating is thin and brittle Not resistant to impact. The technical advantages of laser cladding are manifested in the following aspects:

1) The cooling rate is fast (up to 106K/s), which is a rapid solidification process, and it is easy to obtain a fine-grained structure or produce new phases that cannot be obtained in an equilibrium state, such as unstable phase and amorphous state.

2) The coating dilution rate is low (generally less than 5%), and it has a strong metallurgical bond or interface diffusion bond with the substrate. By adjusting the laser process parameters, a good coating with low dilution rate can be obtained, and the coating composition and dilution Controllable;

3) The heat input and distortion are small, especially when high power density fast cladding is used, the distortion can be reduced to the assembly tolerance of the part.

4) There are almost no restrictions on powder selection, especially for depositing high melting point alloys on the surface of low melting point metals;

5) The thickness of the cladding layer is wide, and the thickness of a single-pass powder feeding is 0.2~2.0mm.

6) It can carry out selective area welding, has less material consumption, and has excellent performance-to-price ratio;

7) Beam aiming can weld inaccessible areas;

8) The process is easy to realize automation.


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3. Competitive advantage

1. Powder is the core of high-speed laser cladding. Sino-Washion Rio Tinto focuses on the development of various alloy powders suitable for high-speed lasers, which solves the defects in the high-speed laser cladding process. We focus on specific cladding processes and material applications. The overall technical equipment and process support are in the form of service.

2. In the actual production process, special alloy powders that meet the requirements of high-speed laser cladding are used. They are essentially different from conventional alloy powders in terms of formula and particle size range, oxygen content, fluidity, sphericity, loose density and other indicators. , We customize and develop special high-speed laser powders according to the actual needs of users to achieve the integrity of the overall process.

3. High-speed laser cladding mass production pursues the principle of high efficiency, high quality, and low cost operation. Through 12 months of actual production and process improvement, and repeated demonstrations, the 4000 watt laser can meet the needs of large workpieces. The cladding can also meet the cladding processing of small parts.


4. Market advantage

my country's traditional industrial manufacturing, processing or re-repairing often requires electroplating technology. Although electroplating technology once played a great role in metal surface protection, decorative processing, etc., and there are also a large number of functional electroplating technology applications in the electronics industry, communications, military aerospace and other fields, it has long brought pollution problems. Makes many manufacturing companies a headache.

my country is the world's largest producer of coal mine hydraulic supports, not only for domestic coal mines, but also for export to the United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and other countries. However, the pillars and jacks, the core components of the hydraulic support, need to be treated with surface anti-corrosion and wear resistance. In terms of manufacturing and maintenance, nearly one million square meters need to be processed each year, which is also a cost to the enterprise. A great burden. "In the reprocessing of coal mining machine hydraulic supports, the traditional electroplating process puts great pressure on the environmental protection of enterprises, and the use of electroplating technology plating also has many defects in the quality, performance, overhaul period, repair costs and other cost maintenance in the later use. 。Using high-speed laser cladding technology to directly process the alloy coating on the mechanical surface, the ordinary laser cladding technology rate is 0.5-2 m/min, and the high-speed laser cladding technology can reach 10-40 m/min, the coating speed Increased by at least 50 times. Another advantage of high-speed laser cladding technology is that large-scale coatings of the same composition can be prepared on the surface of parts, which will make it possible to produce innovative parts that will not wear out during the life cycle.

At present, Ningbo Zhongwu Rio Tinto Ultrafine Materials Co., Ltd. has developed a domestically mature high-speed laser cladding equipment, and has conducted process research and development for the preparation technology of corrosion-resistant coating on the surface of the coal machine hydraulic support column. This technology produces corrosion-resistant coatings of different thicknesses on the part substrate with an efficiency more than 4 times that of traditional laser cladding. It has passed the standard salt spray test (GBT 10125-2012), and the corrosion resistance rating has reached the national standard (GB_T6461- 2002) Level 9 level.

Product upgrades and manufacturing technology upgrades, and obsolete technologies are eliminated. High-speed laser cladding technology based on high-quality performance, high efficiency, moderate cost and environmental protection in the manufacturing process, as well as the future expansion of the technology, the market has a more reasonable choice. High-speed laser cladding has broad application prospects in additive manufacturing, parts remanufacturing, research and development of composite performance materials, high-end parts value performance enhancement and cost reduction, and will further enhance the level of my country's manufacturing industry.

From the perspective of consumption area, my country's hard chrome plating areas are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, which are the most economically developed regions in China. The average growth rate of market demand in these regions remains above 13%, and the growth rate of demand for some special-purpose new materials and high-end materials is much higher than this rate. For example, since the 1990s, the demand for surface treatment in the piston hydraulic industry has maintained an annual growth rate of more than 30%, and the demand in Southeast Asian countries has increased by about 40%.



Statistical analysis of my country's mechanical surface coating processing consumption from 2008 to 2016

From the perspective of the consumption industry and demand structure, the current applications for replacing hard chromium plating in my country are mainly concentrated in industries such as coal equipment, engineering machinery, ship repair and building, and hardware processing equipment. Among them, the demand for coal machinery repair and construction machinery accounts for more than 70% of the total consumer demand; with the promotion and popularization of high-speed laser cladding technology, the market demand for high-speed laser cladding to quickly replace hard chrome plating will show an explosive growth trend .

In recent years, laser cladding and several other new surface coating technologies have developed rapidly. The search for green, pollution-free, high-efficiency and high-quality metal surface coating technologies has become the main factor affecting their development speed. At present, my country's mechanical surface electroplating demand has exceeded 17 billion yuan in output value, especially the market for laser cladding of coal machine cylinders and hydraulic rods (shafts) instead of electroplating, which has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

High-speed laser cladding market analysis

High-speed laser cladding is currently the most efficient and advanced surface alloying processing technology in the world. It has the advantages of high coating quality, high production efficiency, high bonding strength, high material utilization, and small thermal deformation; with the national environmental protection The continuous strict management and banning of the electroplating industry and the huge electroplating market of industrial machinery parts have caused most mechanical production and repair manufacturers to be unable to meet normal production. High-speed laser cladding can not only quickly replace the electroplating process, but also from the quality and life of the coating. In terms of comparison, the service life of mechanical parts after laser cladding is 2 to 5 times that of electroplating, and the production cost is higher than that of electroplating. In China, all parts of large-scale equipment need to be surface strengthened. Only coal machine hydraulic supports The alternative electroplating market in China is more than 10 billion yuan. Engineering machinery piston rods, cylinders and other products require electroplating. High-speed lasers are only used in alternative electroplating fields in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong and other places. It has an output value of more than 3 billion yuan per year. Laser cladding is also used in the repair and remanufacturing of ship machinery. Shipping ships in Zhoushan, Ningbo, Xiangshan, Taizhou, Jiangsu Taizhou and Nantong have a large market for repairing and repairing cargo ships along the Yangtze River and canal cargo ships. Laser cladding technology, the valve manufacturing in Changzhutan, Hunan, Jiangsu Xuzhou Engineering Machinery, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Yancheng, Jiangsu, etc., uses a large number of surface coating processing parts, a wide range, only mechanical surface coating in Jiangsu Province The processing and remanufacturing market has a capacity of more than 1 billion yuan. The hydraulic component manufacturing industry clusters in Changzhou, Wuxi and other places in Jiangsu are developed. The piston rods, cylinders, steel sleeves and other products produced every year need to be electroplated hard chromium. Strict investigations on environmental protection in the economic zone, and many electroplating plants have been shut down. The annual output value of the hydraulic industry in Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou is more than 1 billion yuan, and the annual electroplating cost is as high as 400 million yuan. The use of high-speed laser cladding technology to replace traditional hard chrome plating is likely Must do. .

According to the statistics of the national emerging industry layout, the current national demand for laser cladding is more than 100 billion yuan. In the next ten years, the batch parts processing that replaces electroplating will grow rapidly. It is expected that the national rapid laser cladding processing output will exceed 200 billion yuan by 2025. By 2025, China’s market capacity to replace hard chromium plating will reach 350 billion yuan; the market capacity of surface protective coating processing for special parts will reach more than 500 billion yuan, such as anti-corrosion coating treatment for petroleum refining, chemical and coal chemical industries. Anti-corrosion treatment of parts, surface coating processing of plastic machinery, molds, wear-resistant parts, repair and remanufacturing of mechanical parts in the fields of ship repair, printing, textile, steel, construction machinery, etc. The market capacity is huge, and it is expected to be domestic by 2025 The output value in the above fields will reach the mark of 1,000 billion yuan.


5. Service advantages

According to different application requirements, Sino-Wash Rio Tinto can customize different solutions for surface coatings for customers, and provide systematic technical process training to technical workers of equipment users, from basic operation to how to select materials, control of cladding process and difficult problems s solution.


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