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High-speed laser cladding of coal machine cylinder
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High-speed laser cladding of coal machine cylinder

According to the market price of powder, the price of bulk metals fluctuates from time to time, and the final quotation is calculated based on the current market price.

1. Energy consumption costs

Equipment components Power (KW) Power consumption/hour Consumption cost (yuan)/hour
Laser 4000 Watt 12 ≤23 23×1=23 yuan (electricity fee is calculated according to 1 yuan KW/h)
Chiller 5
Machine tool 5.5
Gas stabilization system 0.5


2. Cost of wearing parts

Wearing parts Life (hours) Unit price (yuan) Consumption cost (yuan/h) Remarks
Protective lens ≥300 hours 120 yuan/piece 0.5 yuan/h Clean environment and longer life


3. Powder cost (calculated in units of 0.7mm thickness of cladding)

Metal powder F Cobalt-based alloy Tungsten carbide (30%) stainless steel Iron-based alloy
Cladding area (㎡>/h) 1 1 0.8 1 1
Powder density(kg/m³) 8.89 8.9 11 7.85 7.85
Powder utilization 87% 89% 87% 90% 90%
Powder dosage 7.8kg/㎡ 7.82kg/㎡ 12.5kg/㎡ 6.3kg/㎡ 6.3kg/㎡
Unit price of powder (yuan>/kg) 150 350 260 130 70
Total consumption cost 1170 yuan>/㎡ 2737 yuan>/㎡ 3250 yuan>/㎡ 819 yuan>/㎡ 441 yuan>/㎡
Note: According to the market price of powder, the price of bulk metals fluctuates from time to time. The final quotation is based on the current market price.


4. Gas costs

Gaseous medium Price (calculated based on the above coating thickness of 0.7mm as a reference)
Argon 35 yuan/h
Nitrogen 10 yuan/h
Compressed air 2 yuan/h
Total 47 yuan/h


5. Staff salary

According to the monthly salary of 8,000 yuan per person, working 26 days a month, 8 hours a day, the labor salary is 38 yuan/h.


6. Total consumption cost (take the iron base of hydraulic cylinder as an example)

Cladding layer thickness (mm) 0.4 0.6 1.0
Working efficiency of 4000 watt laser ㎡/h 1.2 1 0.7
Electricity consumption (yuan/h) 23 23 23
Cost of wearing parts (yuan/hour) 0.5 0.5 0.5
Staff salary (yuan/h) 38 38 38
Gas cost (yuan/h) 47 47 47
Powder cost (yuan/h) 330 yuan/㎡ 402 yuan/㎡ 587 yuan/㎡
Subtotal of the above total cost 438.5 yuan/㎡ 510.5 yuan/㎡ 695.5 yuan/㎡
Machining costs (turning + grinding) 330 yuan/㎡ 360 yuan/㎡ 410 yuan/㎡
Depreciation cost of laser equipment 20 yuan/㎡ 22 yuan/㎡ 27 yuan/㎡
Total operating costs 788.5 yuan/㎡ 892.5 yuan/㎡ 1132.5 yuan/㎡


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